Seven Words. That's Brian Kemp's Health Care Plan.

“The ‘issues’ page of Kemp's website has seven words about health care – ‘improve access to healthcare’ and ‘lower healthcare costs’ without any more detail.” [11Alive TV, 9/10/18]

" this case the word count speaks volumes about the way Georgia’s Democratic and Republican candidates for governor have positioned themselves on health care issues." [Saporta Report, 9/17/18]

"I was unable to find any details about what Kemp’s [health care] solution would entail." [Macon Telegraph, 8/10/18]

Kemp "has yet to release a more detailed health plan." [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 9/18/18]

To read Stacey Abrams' and Democrats' detailed plan, click here.

Stacey Abrams. Sarah Riggs Amico. Delivering for Georgia.